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metadata.dc.type: Editorial
metadata.dc.creator: SANTOS, Gildenir Carolino
PASSOS, Rosemary
Title: Editorial: English: Número Especial: O processo de Bolonha
metadata.dc.terms.title: ETD - Educação Tematica Digital
metadata.dc.terms.source: Campinas, SP
n. esp.
metadata.dc.format.medium: 1-2
Issue Date: 2007
ISSN: 1676-2592
metadata.dc.language: en
Abstract: Due to the “A” Qualis National qualification of ETD - Digital Thematic Education by ANPEd, its team decided to celebrate the fact offering to our readers and colaborators, who contributed so much to achieve this goal, launching a special thematic number,
Keywords: Educação - Editorial
Citation: SANTOS, Gildenir Carolino; PASSOS, Rosemary. Editorial: English: Número Especial: O processo de Bolonha. ETD - Educação Tematica Digital , Campinas, SP, v.9, n. n. esp., p. 1-2, jul./dez. 2007. Disponível em: Acesso: 2021-05-25
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